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We connect China and Switzerland!

SSB (SinoSwissBridge) Consulting's mission is to build connections between Asia and Europe, especially China and Switzerland. Our international team is located in Switzerland and Beijing, and we offer services related to:
- Translation
- Consulting related to China and Switzerland
- Outsourcing (under construction)
- And more

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About us

Summerpalace Beijing

We aim to provide a service according to Swiss standards but for Chinese prices

We are a Swiss-owned company but mainly based in Beijing (with a branch in Switzerland). The aim of our consultants is to combine Switzerland's standards with the very competitive price levels in China and through this offer high-quality services for an affordable price.

Thanks to our perfect location in the center of China's capital, we have access to very talented human resources and a large contact network. In addition, we are cooperating with many Chinese and international companies.

Our translation service covers about 70 language-pairs and is expanding constantly. Through our consulting service, we provide advice for smaller and middle-sized companies, which want to expand their business to China. We can also help to register your company in China or Hong Kong. Furthermore, we provide general advice for individuals or companies that are interested in doing business in Switzerland. We are expanding quickly and will add new services soon.

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Translation with a focus on the Chinese language

Our translation service consists of about 70 language pairs. Thanks to our location in China, we can offer translations for very low prices. We have a large pool of freelance translators with extensive experiences in their area.

Because of our location in Beijing, we are the best choice for translations from any language into Mandarin and vice versa. The Chinese spoken in Beijing is regarded as the most standard Chinese in China. In addition, all the top-universities are located here. To further improve the quality of our translations, we also have relations to Chinese translation offices in Beijing and plan to build up relations with universities here. The owner of the company, Manuel Zellweger, studied at a Chinese university, the Beijing Language and Culture University.

Services: Translation and multilingual DTP
Asian languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.
European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, etc.

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Consulting and business services

Services related to China

Consulting services for private people, small- and middle-sized companies planning to do business, open a branch or outsource to China.

consulting related to China

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Services related to Switzerland

General advice for people or small- and middle-sized companies planning to do any kind of business with Switzerland.

consulting related to Switzerland

Additional projects

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Together with our partner companies, we are working on additional projects:

Outsourcing: Outsourcing project, mostly aimed at SMEs., website (under construction): sourcing-road.com

Cultural exchange: For young people which like to experience Chinese culture and live in a Chinese family, most of them are families of movie stars, an interesting experience is guaranteed!
- We are looking for partners that could advertise the project in Switzerland (or other countries in
  Europe and North America).
- The project is already running in China.

Import: Food import from China to Europe, introducing more Chinese specialties in Europe.

Interested in one of the projects? Kindly contact us for more information.



SSB Consulting is a Swiss-owned company with branches in Switzerland and Beijing. Our services are achieved by an international team consisting of people from China and Europe, together with a well-developed contact network.


We focus on translation, consulting services between Switzerland and China as well as other projects. Our philosophy is to combine the high standards of Switzerland with the efficiency and competitive price levels in China, to create top services for an affordable price.

Contact details

Switzerland branch: SinoSwissPortal GmbH , Im Löh 12, 5243 Mülligen, Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0)76 493 50 90

China branch: Zellweger Consulting Limited, No. 816, Business No. 3, 3rd Floor, Block C, Tianlong Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Phone: +86 1355 235 6844

E-mail: info@swiss-sino.com

- If you like to visit us at our office, please make an appointment with us in advance.

Additional websites:
- sinoswissportal.com (news related to China and Switzerland)
- sourcing-road.com (outsourcing website, under construction)

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Manuel Zellweger

Co-founder and Company owner, responsible for management and translation.

Manuel Zellweger, born and grown up in Switzerland. Lives in China since 2008. Studied Chinese and economics at the University of Zurich as well as the Beijing Language and Culture University. Has a rich working experience in international as well as Chinese companies. Can speak German, Chinese and English fluently and also speaks basic French and some Korean. Thanks to his education and long stay in China, he has a profound knowledge about the Chinese culture and knows the differences between the Western World and China.


Bill Zhang

Co-founder, General Manager and responsible for technical translations.

Bill is the general manager in charge of our technical translations. He majored in Computer Science and Technology. He has a profound experience as a technical translator and worked for companies such as CP Group. In addition, he has also a two-year overseas professional experience.

His most important translation areas are: Finance, IT, Machinery, Chemical Industry, Architecture, Education, Livestock breeding.

His mother language is Mandarin, besides that he is fluent in English.


Application as a freelance translator or interpreter

Zellweger Consulting Ltd ist constantly on the lookout for new freelance translators and interpreters. Requirements:
- two years of professional experience and a translation degree or five years or
- at least five years of professional experience